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Why is my order on hold?
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If you received an e-mail stating your order is on hold, it's due to one of the reasons below, and requires a manual review by a member of our team.   


1.)  Address Verification Mismatch.  There is a discrepancy between the billing address entered at checkout and what your credit card issuer has on file for you.


2.)  Billing/Shipping Mismatch.  You requested your order shipped to a non-billing address.


Repeat Customers / Orders Containing FFL Items


It's still possible your order could end up on-hold.  Chances are you've already verified yourself as the cardholder with a previous order.  If so we will validate your order based on your past order history, and send it over to our shipping team for fulfillment.  Your order will not be delayed.  If we need anything, we will contact you.


If your order contained an FFL item - no further validation is required.  The validation in this case will take place when we receive your (or your dealer's) Federal Firearms License.


First-Time Customers


We review orders on hold once or twice-daily and will contact you by email.  If you've reached this page prior to receiving an email from us, please wait and reply to our email as this allows us to process your order in the fastest manner possible.


1.) Address Verification Mismatches -  If your order is on hold and your billing and shipping addresses are the same, your order did not pass the Address Verification System check.  This indicates the address you entered at the time of checkout did not match what your credit card issuer has on file for you.  In these instances, you may consider contacting your credit card company to ensure they have the proper address on file for you.  Consider having them repeat to you what is on file, and ensure to account for discrepancies such as:


  • Empty whitespace before the numerical portion of your street address.
  • PO Box vs. P.O. Box
  • Numerical vs. Alpha Numerical (ie. 6th vs. Sixth)
  • Abbreviations (St. vs. Street)


If any discrepancies were found, great!  You can try placing another order, and if successful, you can contact us at [email protected] or open a new ticket requesting we cancel the previous order.  


If you do not want to contact your credit card issuer or are unable to get a new order to process successfully, we require the same validation as is outlined below.  It is a one-time validation used to establish you as the cardholder. (See below)


2.) Billing Address / Shipping Address Mismatch -  If you are requesting your order shipped to a non-billing address, you can opt to have your order shipped to your billing address with no further validation, otherwise, we require the following information to verify you are the cardholder. 


  • A government-issued I.D such as a driver's license.  The I.D must show your name and address.  We DO NOT need to see your photo or other information on the ID.
  • A partial-image of the credit card used to place the order. We need to see the last 3 digits of the credit card and your name. DO NOT include the first 14 digits, the CCV or the expiration date. 


Tip:  Place your I.D over your credit card so only the last 3 digits and name are showing.  Use a sticky note or piece of paper to block out the information you don't want to send.



Why do we require this level of validation?

Fraud is a much bigger concern for e-commerce merchants than it is for brick-and-mortar storefronts.  As a means to deter criminals from using stolen credit cards on our website, we screen orders and suspend credit card processing if certain high-risk indicators are present.  These additional measures are very effective in stopping the use of stolen credit cards which directly affects every one of our customers by allowing us to keep our pricing highly competitive.  We appreciate your patience and understanding!


How does this help keep pricing low?

When a stolen credit card is used,  the item ordered is delivered before the true cardholder is made aware of the unauthorized charge on their credit card.  Eventually, the cardholder notices, disputes the charge, and the transaction is reversed through the chargeback process.  The merchant (us) has no means to recover the product, the funds are taken back by the processing bank, and the merchant is fined approximately $30.  Some businesses elect to raise prices to subsidize these losses.  We believe the Arm or Ally price is worth protecting, and we think our customers feel the same way too.


** Please note -  Orders placed on hold are only pre-authorizations.  Though they will show on your account, no funds have been collected, and no cancellation fees will be assessed should you need to cancel your order.






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