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How do I order an FFL Item?
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Ordering an FFL / Regulated item online is not as difficult as you might think.  The most important step in the process is establishing communication with a reputable FFL in your area who is open and willing to handle the transaction for you.  




1.  Locate and contact an FFL in your area.

2.  Add the item(s) to your shopping cart.

3.  Once in the checkout there's a section to enter your FFL's information.  (See image below)

  • CA Residents:  You must enter your FFL Dealers CFD# in the order notes.  Your order will not process without it. 

4.  Complete the Checkout.

5.  Once your order is delivered to your FFL, contact them or they'll contact you to schedule a time to complete your ATF Form 4473 and Background Check.  


Pre-Ordering Tips


  • If you need assistance locating an FFL in your area, here are two resources.  These are 3rd party resources, not affiliated with Arm or Ally.   We do not ensure 100% accuracy of this information, and it is your responsibility to verify before placing your order.
  • Establish contact with your selected FFL BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER to ensure the FFL is accepting transfers and their address is correct.
    • CA Residents, ensure you have your FFL Dealers CFD #.


Please understand we charge $5 to change the FFL address after placing an order.

Please take the time to contact the FFL prior to placing your order to validate their address, ensure they are open for business, and accepting transfers.


What's Next?

After we transfer the items to your FFL Dealer, you will eventually visit them in person to transfer them to your name via ATF Form 4473.  As a part of this process, your FFL Dealer will initiate a background check. 


Here are the reasons you could fail a firearms background check:


  • Convicted of a felony
  • Convicted in any court of a crime which is punishable by a term of more than one year or a misdemeanor punishable by more than two years. This is the number one reason why requests for firearm transfers are denied.
  • Indicted for a crime punishable by more than one year
  • A fugitive from justice
  • A user of illegal drugs or an addict
  • Involuntarily committed to a mental institution
  • An illegal alien
  • Dishonorably discharged from the armed forces
  • Renounced your U.S. citizenship
  • Subject to a restraining order for threatening a family member
  • Convicted of domestic violence
  • Under an indictment, but not convicted, of a crime carrying a possible year-long prison sentence


Here's an example of what you will see in our Checkout.  Note the specific fields for FFL Information.


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