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Return to Sender Packages
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Situation:  You forgot to provide your apartment number, or entered an address the carrier is unable to deliver your package too; resulting in a "Return to Sender". 


Resolution 1:  The fastest way to resolve this issue is to place a new order.  Once the new order is placed, simply email us to let us know your initial order number, the issue, and the new order number.  Your initial order will be processed as a return WITHOUT a restocking fee.  Your returned amount will be the full price of the item, less and free shipping promotions.  Additional shipping charges are not refundable.


Resolution 2:  Open a new ticket and let us know what's going on.  In your email, please authorize us to bill your credit card an additional shipping charge, and provide the correct address.  This process will take up to 14 business days from the date your package is returned to one of our two facilities. 


Resolution 3:  Open a new ticket and request a return / refund.  Once the package is returned to us, we will process as a return within 14 business days.  The returned amount will be the full price of the item(s) less our restocking fee.  Initial shipping charges are not refundable.  



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