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My package is lost
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Losing a package is no more fun for you, than it is for us.  The good news is that we've had great successes in locating lost-packages over the years!  Depending on the carrier, the situation varies.  In any event, a package declared lost by the carrier is protected by Arm or Ally!




Our best advice is if you've not received your package after 5 business days from the ship date, is to open a ticket and bring it to our attention.  We have a dedicated team of folks who call local post offices and distribution centers to hunt for your package.  The sooner it's brought to our attention, the better the chances are we can achieve a successful delivery.  This doesn't mean we're asking you to email us if your package is not delivered within 3 days or there is no movement in tracking for 24-hours.  Please use your best judgement.


If you are the DIY type, we invite you to use the USPS Missing Mail Search.  Using this tool could increase the chances your stuck package is delivered.  Alternatively, you may call USPS Customer Care @ 1-800-275-8777 or visit your local USPS with your tracking number.  


If your package is stuck, and our best efforts cannot result in a quick delivery our policy is to reship or refund after 30 days from the ship date.  We understand if you do not want to wait 30 days to receive your item, and if that is the case, we advise you to place a new order which would ship right away.  If after 30 days the item is not delivered, we simply issue you a refund on the first order.  If it is delivered, you can either keep the item, or ship it back to us for a refund.  


In the event you notice some unusual tracking status':  There are two types of scans performed on USPS Packages, System Generated and Package Scans.  An example of a system generated scan is when we are preparing your order and we print the label.  Package Scans are performed when your package officially enters the mail-stream at a USPS station, mail distribution center, or is delivered.  In-between label creation and delivery you may see many different types of scans.  The one scan which is somewhat frustrating is the "In Transit to Next Destination", often accompanied by 1-2 day delay.  This type of scan indicates your package is on a piece of machinery (trailer, cart etc.) and that piece of machinery was scanned.  


If you encounter an issue with a stuck or lost package, you as the recipient must notify UPS.  UPS is very good at resolving these cases directly with the recipient.  If after 5 days UPS is unable to locate the missing package, contact us by opening a ticket. 


UPS Claims Center:  Click Here

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