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My package shows delivered, but I did not receive it.
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In the event your package is showing delivered but you did not receive it it's best you act as quickly as possible.  We advise you to do the following...


  1. Check your front door, back door, side door, porches, patios, in/around your garage, with neighbors or with others who reside with you, or were present at the time of delivery to ensure the package wasn't hidden or delivered.  If after two (2) days your package is not located or delivered, proceed below.
  2.  Open a ticket with us, advise if you have performed the above steps.  We will open a ticket with the carrier for them to investigate.  For orders shipped US Postal Service, we recommend you visit your local post office with a copy of your tracking number to inquire.


When you open a ticket with us, we'll contact the carrier and request the geo-coordinates of delivery.  The geo-coordinates are accurate to within 3 inches of where your package was physically scanned as delivered by the carrier.  


Please understand all order shipping on defaults to "Signature Required", and by selecting any other option, you therefore assume all risk with a shipper-release, including a theft-after-delivery.  A shipper-release is where the carrier delivers the package to your address regardless of your physical presence.  Once the package is delivered by the carrier, it becomes your property.  "Signature Required" while at an additional cost, is the only way a proper chain-of-custody can take place with your package.  

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